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Managed IT Services

Turn your technology challenges into solutions with GloucesterIT’s Managed IT Services. Our team can work with you to monitor, patch, defend & remediate your IT needs.


Unlimited Support – the “Buffet Plan”

Managed IT includes unlimited remote support and onsite support when deemed necessary. Never worry about high hourly rates.


No Contracts

At GloucesterIT we believe in earning your business each and every day. We value your partnership and our goal is to help empower your business to grow.

Technology has become part & parcel to organizational success. However, as technology's profile has grown, the budget allocated to support it hasn’t always followed suit. IT teams have been left struggling to decide where to focus their efforts – and what to set aside. How can you ensure your technology environment has the support it demands without introducing additional strain on your budget? The answer lies in choosing a partner who understands your situation and who knows how to help.

GloucesterIT’s Managed Services let businesses hand-off responsibility for overseeing and administering of their technology environments to our team of experts. Managed Services provides full 24×7 support for everything from data center and networking to security and help desk. GloucesterIT’s expertise in this area, organizations can ensure a right-sized, flexible, and cost-effective approach to IT.

  • Phased deployments – Service implementation is divided into multiple phases, allowing a gradual and seamless transition built around your unique needs.

  • Hybrid delivery option – This approach includes both dedicated and rotating resources to deliver ongoing support that is predicated first and foremost upon organizational demand.

  • Dedicated service manager – Gain access to an onsite, dedicated management-level resource responsible for project management, contract change control, project planning and oversight, and more.

  • Service flexibility – As your technology needs evolve, so too will GloucesterIT’s service, allowing you to quickly pivot between service areas.

  • Strong communication and governance – You’ll never feel removed from your environment as GloucesterIT sees regular communication and check point reviews as a critical part of any successful engagement.

Why Managed IT


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